StrongbonD Titanium Zinc Composite Panel


StrongbonD Titanium Zinc Composite Panel

Titanium-Zinc from VMZINC. The ZCP offers all the excellent characteristics of ACP such as flatness, strength, 

and it delivers incomparable natural color and texture. 

Panel Thickness 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
Optional Core fr core,  Poly Ethlene, honeycomb aluminum
Width990mm, 1240mm
Length2440mm, 3200mm, 4000mm, 5800mm

*** Custom sizes are negotiable ***

Physical/Mechanical Property

ItemItem DescriptionStandardConditionResults
1DensityASTM D792-02Absolute alcohol,23ºC2.147g/cm3
2Water resistanceASTM D870-0299ºC, 2HNo visual Changes
3Thermal ExpansionASTM D696-193.0μm/m·ºC
4Heat deflection TemperatureASTM D648-07Heating rate:120ºC/h Load:1.82Mpa94.8 ºC
5Shear ResistanceASTM D732-02Speed:1.3mm/min30.5Mpa
6Shear Strength10528N
7Tensile StrengthASTM D638-03Speed:500mm/min43.8MPa
8Flexural StrengthASTM D790-07 method ASpeed:1.9mm/min Span:70mm99.5MPa
9Flexural Module9390MPa
10180oC Peel strengthASTM D903-98Seperation Rate: 152.4mm/min64kg/mm


Alu skin 0.5mm or equivelant Ti-zinc alloy skin

Size and Specification
Overall ThicknessFace SkinBottom SkinCoreStandard WidthFace Density
4mm0.5mm Blue Grey0.5mm AluminumFR1000mm9.9kg/m²
4mm0.5mm Graphite Grey0.5mm AluminumFR900mm9.9kg/m²