StrongbonD Stone honeycomb panel


StrongbonD stone honeycomb panel,marble honeycomb panel,granite honeycomb composite sheets

StrongbonD Stone honeycomb panel is a kind of high-tech and environment-friendly decoration materials by closely binding aluminum board and aluminum honeycomb core,which is manufactured by fully automatic  production aquipment integrating internationally advanced aviation technology.

Stone honeycomb panel is composed by a thin marble/stone sheet and aluminum honeycomb panel,it is mainly applied in building outer wall decoration(especially high-rise building),inner wall suspended ceiling, room door,heart preservation carriage and bath,etc. Stone honeycomb panel is a preferred mordern decoration materials in deed.


1. StrongbonD Stone honeycomb panel Characteristics

1)light weight: If the panel thickness is the same, stone honeycomb panel is much more lighter than traditional stone slab,it can save a lot on the transportation,and it is a good materials for high-strrey buildings.

2)Improvement of strength: the stone panel's bending and shearing strength areobviouly improved after composed..

3)Anti-pollution:tranditional stone,for example,using wet cement paste,the surface may change colors and appear besmirch in monthes after installation.Stone honeycomb panel has a compact bottom plate and a thin adhesive layer,it can avoid this kind of pollutions.
4)Minimize color variation:stone honeycomb panels composed by stone slice and honeycomb structure. A pice of traditional stone can be cutted into 2-3pcs slices,and the pattern of these slices are almost the same. Thus easier to ensure the consistency of color and patterns when used in large area.

5)Easy to install: As a result of above characteristics,in the process of installation,regardless of the weight,strength,color,stone honeycmb panels improved the safety and sfficiency and reduced the cost of installation.

6)Break the restricted area: Tranditional stone can be used in wall,floor,window,table,but the ceiling is a restticted area.Stone honeycomb panels breaked this restriction because it's very light,which is only 1/5 or 1/10 of the tranditional stone.

7)Moisture and sound resistance

8)Energy conservation

9)Cost reduction: stone honeycmob panel is thinner and lighter traditional stone panel,it can save the cost on transportation and installation .


2.StrongbonD Stone honeycomb panel  Specifications

stone honeycomb panels commonly composed by 3-5mm stone veneer and 10-25mm aluminum honeycomb panel.

For exterior curtain wall:4-5mm stone + 25mm aluminum honeycomb panel

For interior wall panels: 3-4mm stone + 15mm aluminum honeycomb panel

For flooring panels: 5-8mm stone + 10-15mm aluminum honeycomb pan